Climbing Back Onto the Face of the Earth...


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Y'all, the last time I posted here was 2 years and 21 days ago. Which is crazy, especially since I've had so much to say since then! But 1) being a teacher is no joke 2) being a teacher working for an organization that is complicit in the racist educational system and doing nothing to change that is no joke and 3) I was enjoying being anonymous on the Internet for a good long while.

But I've missed you people. And I've missed your blogs. And I've missed being able to comment in the middle of the day, which teachers don't do because we're always on. But I promise I've still been creeping lurking on your blogs, biting my tongue because now I always get to Internet conversations too late, after all of the good points have been made and everyone's gone home. Such is life on the West Coast.

In other (not surprising to anyone reading this) news, Z and I are getting hitched! We actually got engaged in May, and we're getting married next spring. It's going to be a small wedding and we have student loans to pay, so I've been DIYing the shit out of this wedding. The best part is that I'm actually kind of good at it, and I'm now BFFs with Michaels (and their 15% teacher discount, holla) and making all of these cool crafts. I even started a craft blog (still on the fence about whether I should link to it, since it's not personally identifying) so I have a place to keep track of all of the projects.

And what about you? (The personal you. I'm sure only one person, if that, still reads this blog.) What have I missed during my two years off the grid? Should I come back to this blog? Can we revive our Internet friendship? (I have a--rarely used--Twitter now!) Do you watch Scandal? Fill me in!
Proof that we still exist. We took this blurry selfie last weekend.


Student of the World said...

CONGRATULATIONS! And yes, I'm very happy to see you back and I would love to start reading your posts again.

Jasmin said...

Thanks SotW! I hope you have been well. :-)

I think I need to figure out what I might want to start writing about--maybe wedding planning?

modest-goddess said...

I remember you. Guess I still have you in my blog reader. Congrats on the engagement.

Jasmin said...

Thanks modest-goddess!